What you can download When you might need it Download Link
 The latest version of the PC game UPDATE INSTALLER  If you bought the Windows version Bridge Licence (for $40), but you don’t have the latest version.  This download is an installer, and is designed to overwrite the existing 2.x installed version on your computer.  This is not for Steam purchasers; Steam auto-updates the game for you.  Link, version 2.6.0
 The Windows PC game demo  If you want to try the game before you buy it, or quickly show the game to friends, or make sure your computer is compatible with the game.  This download is an installer.  Link
 Version 2.4.0 update installer  If you’re trying to play with the IOS or Android versions of the game, and you want compatibility with the PC version, you should apply this installer patch, until the IOS/Android updates come out.  Link
 Artemis ship editor tool 2.3  If you really want to mod your Artemis game, you’ll need this program to complete your ship models.  Check the forums for more info.  Link


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